These are some experiments with the Sierpinski fractal which is subdivided recursively into smaller equilateral triangles. You can view the source code doing right click then source code option on your browser, these demos were made using Html5… Read More

First Person Shooter Html5 Game – Raycasting

It has been a long time since i published a game in my blog. I have been working for the past 3.5 weeks in a very short FPS game inspired by Wolfenstein3D which is a groundbreaking game made… Read More


It is a pleasure to share my latest game project, it is a top-down zombie shooter made on Html5 and ECMAScript 6 language. It is a short game with 2 levels and 2 bosses. Control Scheme: A: left… Read More

HTML5 game demo from scratch

It was a while since I posted my last entry because for 2 months, I was crafting a web game using the programming language Javascript and the HTML5 Canvas element. It was a incredible success and satisfyingly fun!… Read More


Hace muchos años vimos el nacimiento de una plataforma que abrió un abanico de posibilidades en el mundo de Internet, la plataforma de desarrollo conocida como Flash, en un principio creada por Macromedia para más tarde ser adoptada… Read More