Drip Drop Puzzle Game

I am proud to share Drip Drop Puzzle Game with you, It is the first time that I created the graphics and sound by myself. It is also the second time that I implemented a web browser game with ECMAScript 6 and HTML5 Canvas.

Although development took about 3 weeks; I was satisfied the whole time and I had an awesome time creating this game for you all, even though I had to work 3 times harder than normal. I even started thinking of ways to share this proud experience with you.

My particular objective was to publish my game at Newgrounds which is a site for an indie developers to showcase their creations. All content must be done by yourself so this was a great opportunity to share my game and receive some feedback, I am not going to lie; I was scared, I like my own creations, but when other people come into play, there would be some mixed opinions about it, some bad, some good, so I was afraid I could not take the bits of the bad ones. In any case, I did it, and I am glad of the decision. In the end, I received a regular score from the community, which is a great start for someone who likes making games as a hobby.

The objective of the game is to extinguish the torch flames with the drips and drops of water from melting ice cube, game instructions are presented while advancing through levels.


  • Mouse


  • 10 Levels, from easy to hard.
  • Leaderboard, top 10 from best times.

Link to the game:


Source code:


Newgrounds link:


Any feedback would be appreciated.
Hope you enjoy it.

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