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Let me share with you my latest addition to my gaming projects list. I have been playing a lot of Puyo Puyo Tetris lately, which is an awesome game for the Nintendo Switch. I was thinking, hey! I love this game so much, why don’t I create a Tetris clone using HTML5 Canvas and ECMAScript 6? So, I started implementing the game a few days ago. I reused some of my classes from my previous game projects, which made the development lightning fast.

The music played in the game is from a group known as PowerGlove. If you have not heard of them, go ahead and look for this incredible group and listen to some of their recordings.

I do not know if I could be committing some copyright infringement here, but I am planning to record my own Tetris metal theme song on my electric guitar soon. Meanwhile, I am using the PowerGlove version for now. I hope there is no issue.

Regarding the mechanics of the game, every minute the speed of the game increases. To avoid this, you have to clear at least 10 lines, and if you succeed, the speed will reduce a bit. Therefore, your mission is to clear as many lines as you can to prevent the game from reaching an insane speed, which makes it impossible to keep playing.

As usual, here is the link to the code repository:

And the link to the playable version (use arrow keys to move tetriminos):

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